Referring for Assessment

Waitlist is open for assessments of children and youth of all ages.

In an attempt to keep our waiting list at an acceptable length, we will place your child on our wait list when a complete referral package has been received. All referrals require:

  1. Physician referral (this is necessary if you are to claim your assessment on your extended health and so that we do not have to bill you for GST and PST).
  2. Contact sheet: Send us your email address by telephone (604-522-7979) or email and we will send you a contact sheet to complete (also available on our website).
  3. Specific types of assessments require different information. See below.

For Under 6 year olds: Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment

As well as testing for Autism, the BC government requires assessment by a Paediatrician, Psychologist, and Speech-Language Pathologist. All these assessments can be completed at our Clinic, or you can provide your own documentation before you are placed on our waitlist.

  1. Paediatrician’s consult letter (describing their assessment of your child, available either through the Pediatrician or your family doctor). This report should not be more than one year old and should refer specifically to your concerns regarding your child’s behaviour, rather than any other unrelated health issues. This assessment and report will be paid for by MSP on referral from your family doctor.
  2. Speech-Language assessment report, describing your child’s receptive (understanding), expressive, and pragmatic (practical communication) language skills. This report should not be more than 6 months old. For younger children (under 4 years of age), we can often provide the speech-language and psychology testing at the same session.
  3. Psychological assessment detailing the child’s current developmental skills. This assessment is typically done in conjunction with the assessment for ASD.

Additionally, reports of any other community team members who may be involved with your child are helpful. These include Infant Development, Supported Child Development, Occupational Therapy, documentation of hearing and vision checks.

For assessments for children over 6 years of age, the following are helpful:

  1. Reports of all previous assessments (including preschool speech-language and occupational therapy assessments) completed on your child.
  2. Any report cards or other documentation describing concerns of teachers or other community professionals.
  3. Documentation of hearing and vision checks or any other health-related issues you may believe are relevant.

Please return your referral package by email, fax, mail, or in person. If sending by email, please send by attachment, no “photos” of documents.

Once your referral package has been received, we will place your child’s name on our waitlist. You should receive a confirmation telephone call from our office within a week. If you do not hear from us, please call 604-522-7979 to confirm your referral. Please feel free to keep in touch while waiting for your assessment.

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