ARE YOU CONCERNED about your preschooler (3 to 4 year old)?

Sometimes when children begin playing with other children or start attending preschool or other community programs, parents/caregivers notice that their child is different from the other children. Sometimes the teachers or program leaders will notice that your child manages differently than other children.

Is your child:

  • Walking, running, and climbing?
  • Scribbling, snipping, and pasting?
  • Watching and wanting to do what other children are doing?
  • Playing with puzzles and building blocks
  • Speaking so other adults can understand what they want and need?
  • Wanting to tell you about what they are doing or have made?
  • Feeding themselves a variety of foods, using a spoon and fork?
  • Toilet trained during the day?

For more information about young children’s development, go to Links We Like/Developmental Milestones

If you are concerned:

  • Talk about your concerns with your family doctor and/or pediatrician
  • Ask for a referral to the Early Intervention Program.
  • Ask for a referral to the Supported Child Development Program
  • Contact our clinic, as we would be happy to provide consultation and assessment as needed.


What is the Early Intervention Program?

  • The Early Intervention Program (EIP) provides services for children from birth to 5 years of age with or at risk for developmental delays. It is a multidisciplinary service based on child needs and family priorities. Services may include physical, occupational, and/or communication therapies. They may include groups for parents and/or children.
  • Services are provided in the child’s home, daycare, preschool, community program or at a local centre, such as a Child Development Centre. Children do not need a diagnosis to access these services.

To find the agency providing this Program in your area, go to Links We Like/Service Providers


What is the Supported Child Development Program?

  • SCD provides support to families and their children in preschool, daycare, or out of school care programs. Youth (13 to 19) years of age may also be eligible for services. SCD also provides support to the staff and teachers in the Programs attended by the child or youth. Parents can self-refer or be referred by a community professional, including their daycare or preschool provider.
  • SCD assists families in finding options and available spaces in licensed daycare, preschool and out-of-school care programs as well as supporting families by providing information on child care subsidies, community resources, and access to the SCD toy lending libraries.
  • SCD Consultants work directly with families and, in collaboration with child care programs and other members of a child’s team, develop individual plans to meet the needs of the child. SCD Consultants also assists with community and kindergarten transitions.
  • SCD Consultants assist daycare, preschool and out of school care programs and family child care programs by providing consultation that supports the understanding and implementation of inclusive principles and practices.  The SCD consultants use a wide variety of strategies to teach, demonstrate and support child care program staff in the use of effective strategies when including children with extra support needs.
  • The SCD Program provides additional funding for staffing support to assist with the inclusion of children with extra needs to be successful in a child care program. There is a waitlist for this funding – the eligibility and priority are determined through the Coast Fraser Regional Waiting List Priority Tool.

To find the agency providing this Program in your area, go to Links We Like/Service Providers